10a St Thomas Road - Stopsley - Luton - LU2 7UY
07988 876190 - alleybarber@hotmail.com

J.G. from Putteridge - My whole extended family uses Alley Barber - even visiting relatives time their haircuts when they come down to see us make sure they go to the shop for a cut. It is pleasant and very friendly - we always have a really good laugh with Sam and wouldn't go anywhere else. I like to get down there early at 8am on a Saturday morning as he opens. Walk-in is great coz I never know when I'm going to go down but even if he's busy you don't have to wait too long to be seen.

R.C. from Cockernoe - I first started going to Alley Barber a year ago after my Uncle told me about it. I now go regularly about every 6 weeks for a cut because he is very reasonably priced. I like it because the shop is open early which helps because of my work hours. It's a very friendly shop and you get a great conversation. But I suppose the most important thing being he does a really good job. I will always go there and I recommend him to everyone. Good luck with the new shop.

A.C. from Stopsley - My partner and four sons always go to Alley Barber. Apart from the obvious that the shop is located very close to home (but so are many others). They like the service, the cut and the friendly atmosphere. My eldest son came home from last time having had a shave by Sam, raving how great it was and how he felt the shave was so close he wouldn't need to shave for another 10 years (he is prone to exaggeration!). They would say Sam at Alley Barber is a cut above the rest.

S.M. from Stopsley - Great cut at a great price

D.B . from Cockernoe - I go to Alley Barber because it is very local for me and I like to support local business. It is easy for me to park and really convenient for all the other local shops too - that I then don't have to go into the town to do all the other bits I need to do. It is a popular salon and you get a good cut for a good price.